QNAP ES1640DC-E5-V2-96G ALL FLASH NAS 6.4TB (16x400GB) Integrated with Enterprise Flash SSD Drives


Product SKU: ES1640dc-E5-v2-96G-AF1640

QNAP ES1640DC-E5-V2 6.4TB All Flash based NAS integrated with Enterprise SSD drives with high endurance and performance, SAS based with 12 Gb/s support and backward compatibility built-in 4 x 10GbE SFP+ ports 5 year warranty, NASBIT tested and ready

Enterprise MLC SSD – Solid State Drive (SSD) uses a single-chip controller with a dual-port SAS interface on the system side and 10 channels of Micron NAND Flash internally, designed with high endurance and are optimized for demanding 24/7 usage applications. Integrated within the QNAP ES1640DC HDD hot-swappable replacement trays, the SSD integrates easily into existing storage enclosure.

Features include:

  • 16nm Micron® MLC NAND Flash • RoHS-compliant package.
  • SAS – Interface = 12 Gb/s – Speed = 3 Gb/s, 6 Gb/s, 12 Gb/s, and auto-speed negotiation – SAS-3 support.
  • SAM-5 compliant • Enterprise sector size support = 512, 520, 524, 528, 4096, 4160, 4192, and 4224-byte.
  • Hot-plug capable • 128-entry command queue depth • Digitally signed firmware for SED and non-SED.
  • FIPS140-2 level 2 certification option available on each S650DC 2.5-inch device: 400GB, 800GB, 1600GB, and 3200GB.
  • Secure erase via format unit.
  • Reliability – MTTF: 2.5 million device hours1 – Static and dynamic wear leveling – Uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER): 1 × 1017 bits transferred Capacity 2 (unformatted): 200GB, 400GB, 480GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1600GB, 1920GB, 3200GB, 3840GB.
  • Endurance: TBW over warranty period4 – S655DC (25 DWPD): 200GB-8PB, 400GB-17PB – S650DC (10 DWPD): 400GB-7PB, 800GB-14PB 1600GB-29PB, 3200GB-58PB.

$ 19,922.00
$ 19,922.00

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