2 year advanced replacment servicefor TS-451-4G


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QNAP Advanced Replacement Service (QARS) is an optional service to expedite hardware replacement. QNAP products are designed and manufactured with high quality components to provide excellent reliability. For additional protection, QNAP offers an advanced replacement plan for customers who want to minimize the amount of time without a QNAP unit when seeking service. With QARS in place QNAP will ship you a replacement unit in advance of you having to send QNAP your existing NAS. Our advanced replacement plan is a great option for any customer seeking to minimise downtime.

$ 350.00
$ 350.00

QNAP Advanced Replacement Service Benefits:

  • Your QNAP product is covered directly by the manufacturer.
  • Free fast shipping, QNAP will provide prepaid 2 way shipping (US & Canada only).
  • Fast processing, the replacement unit will be shipped within 48 hours.
  • No question asked fast replacement, worry and problem free process.
  • Free remote trouble shooting service.
  • An Advanced Replacement plan can only be purchased within 60 days of the initial unit purchase date.
Standard Advance Replacement Optional Advance Replacement
TS-x51 NAS Series
TS-x53 NAS Series
TS-x69 NAS Series
TS-x70 NAS Series
TVS-x63 NAS Series
TVS-x71 NAS Series
No Standard Advance Replacement 2 Year Advance Replacement
5 Year Advance Replacement
TS-x79 NAS Series
TS-x80 NAS Series
TVS-x80 NAS Series

No Standard Advance Replacement

3 Year Advance Replacement
5 Year Advance Replacement


Note: First please contact QNAP technical support for all return instructions.

Data Backup: The customer is responsible for backing up all the data stored in any storage device before returning the product to QNAP for an RMA service. QNAP will not be liable for any data loss during the RMA process.


Advanced Replacement Service Coverage

  • If during the advanced replacement service period the product fails, an identical or equivalent replacement unit will be shipped to the customer.
  • 2-way Delivery Cost: QNAP will prepay shipping cost both ways.
  • The QNAP Advanced Replacement Service is available within USA and Canada.

Service Policy

  • The replacement unit will be shipped to the customer after the following three conditions have been fulfilled:
    • The unit has been identified as a defective unit by a QNAP support engineer and the advanced replacement RMA number has been issued.
    • The original guarantee of the replacement unit has been provided by the customer. QNAP requires a customer credit card authorization form on file before a replacement unit can be shipped out.
    • The address information has been confirmed by the customer.
  • If the shipping order is received before 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time, the replacement unit will be shipped the same day. If the shipping order is received after 2:00pm, the replacement unit will be shipped the next business day. QNAP office hours are from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST.
  • The replacement unit will be shipped using standard 3-day express or an equivalent level of service.
  • The replacement unit will be an identical unit or an upgraded unit if an identical unit is not available. The replacement could be a brand new or a reconditioned unit according to QNAP's choice.
  • The Advanced Replacement Service only covers those defects already covered by the QNAP manufacturer warranty, Cable, rail kit and accessories, etc. are not normally covered.
  • The replacement unit will be registered and covered in this program automatically until the original unit coverage period expires.
  • If there is only a component failure such as a power unit or fan module, QNAP will ship the components for replacement only.

Customer / Reseller Responsibility

  • Customer must provide the necessary help to a QNAP support engineer to determine whether the unit is failed or not.
  • Customer must provide full details in the Advanced Replacement RMA request to minimize processing time, such as model name, defective unit serial number, shipping address, contact person, phone number, email address, defective unit problem description, etc.
  • Customer must complete and return to QNAP a valid Credit Card Authorization form to guarantee that the defective unit is returned.
  • Customer must return the defective units within 5 business days following receipt of the replacement units. (Based on the unit receipt date at customer site and courier pick up date).
  • Customer must ship the defective unit back to QNAP in the packaging provided with the replacement unit. If the packaging is damaged during shipping, customer must provide their own proper packaging to ensure safe return shipment to QNAP.
  • It is a customer's responsibility to remove all old shipping waybills, air shipping labels etc. from the original packaging and affix a new shipping label and waybill provided by QNAP on the outside of the box. Failure to do so will mean any extra shipping costs incurred or lost units will be charged to the customer's credit card or account.
  • Customer must return all components and accessories related to the defective unit to QNAP.

Customer Induced Damage (CID) Unit

If any defect in the products or part were caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper repair, alteration or modification by the Customer, or any act in violation of the original selling conditions of the product by manufacturer, the product is considered to be a Customer Induced Damage Unit (CID). Since the warranty has been voided by the Customer's actions, the Advanced Replacement Service cannot apply and the Customer's account or credit card will be charged the MSRP value of the replacement product shipped and the Customer's original warranty will be reinstated.

Delayed Return

If the customer fails to return the unit within five (5) business days after receiving the replacement units, QNAP will charge the customer's credit card USD 100 per day up to the value of the unit’s MSRP. This charge is not refundable unless the customer can provide Proof of Delivery (POD) that indicates the customer did return the unit on time.

Missing Components

If the customer fails to return the complete unit to QNAP, the customer will be notified to ship the missing parts to QNAP at the customer's cost within five (5) business days. A failure to do so will permit QNAP to charge the cost of missing part(s) to the customer's account or credit card. This charge is not refundable for delayed returns.

Courier Lost or Damaged

It is QNAP's responsibility to make a compensation claim to the courier if the replacement unit is damaged or lost by the courier and to ship another replacement to the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to make a compensation claim to the courier if the returned unit is damaged or lost by courier. The full price of the unit will be charged to the customer's account or credit card.


  • The Advanced Replacement Service should be purchased within 60 days of the product purchase date and the start date of the Advanced Replacement Service will be the product purchase date.
  • Customer must use the shipping label provided by QNAP. QNAP is not responsible for any shipping costs incurred by the Customer using other means of shipping.
  • QNAP ships via UPS Express or an equivalent Express Service for replacements. You can refer to the UPS www.ups.com website for delivery time from the QNAP warehouse to the destination.
  • P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted for Advanced Replacement delivery by UPS. The customer must provide QNAP with a physical address.
  • QNAP's sole liability, and the exclusive remedy, for any acknowledged defect(s) shall be the repair or replacement of the product in question.
  • QNAP does not offer refunds, credits or upgrades.
  • QNAP shall NOT be liable under ANY circumstances for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages or lost data.
  • Advanced Replacement is available only to the original purchaser.

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