SimplyNAS Provides Solutions That Are Ready To Use Straight From The Box.

There is a plethora of NAS solutions that are purported to be “bundles” with NAS servers and Hard disk drives supplied by off the page vendors that are camouflaged as ready to use for similar pricing as ours, these are not even comparative to what we offer, far from it. We offer unique services to ensure you get what you need, by installing extra memory, disk arrays that can consist of spinning drives as well as solid state drives within multiple volumes if required, extra NIC’s both Gigabit and 10GbE, no other company can offer this and then configure and burn test ready to use out of the box, and most importantly its inclusive within the system price. No messing around.

Business & Enterprise Users Configure Your NAS

All our current manufacturers provide systems that are highly configurable, with strategic upgrades Business & Enterprise users have a tremendous opportunity to meet their exacting storage needs. SimplyNAS Business has provided suggestions with configured systems, but if any customers requires a specific configuration we are ideally positioned to provide this service, this is why we offer services that allow customers to analyze and discuss a solution by talking to our experts. We are here to help meet your specific requirements, by utilizing our configuration and testing services to ensure you get a server RAID ready, working right out of the box. Talk to our experts today – call us on 407-960-4690. We understand ultimately, companies which prepare for growth by deploying innovative data storage technology will be able to operate more efficiently, giving them an edge over the competition.

Some Points to Note

Industry Specialist Our name says it all! – We specialize in Network Storage and this helps us focus on the bigger picture thus assuring our customers always stay ahead of the data protection curve.
Manufacturer Supported Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected as they offer the best products and services in their respective market segmentation, we carefully supplement any gaps to ensure a perfect fit for our customers for their purchase.
Ethical Products SimplyNAS will only sell new products and these are acquired directly from manufacturers & authorized recommended manufacturer channels only. We do not sell refurbished or refresh products.
Deployment Ready All our systems are meticulously configured and burn tested, enabling our customers to use the systems right out of the box with the most reliable firmware revision. (Systems with preinstalled HDD only).
Service Facilitation Our service level is enviable – knowledgeable and friendly people, with our keen pricing, swiftest turnaround possible and excellent pre-sales support. Coupled with a sophisticated and comprehensive testing methodology and our vast expertise of network storage, why would you want to buy anywhere else?
Manufacturer Warranty SimplyNAS will ensure you are never compromised with manufacturer’s warranty by following the required guidelines.