Whether you are a small mom and pop startup, mid-sized company with a hundred employees, or a large corporation with thousands on your payroll and locations all across the globe, there is no difference in how important your data is to your company. The same principles of security, backup, and storage apply to all. SimplyNAS has solutions for any size business or budget. Our experts can help you decide the best solution for your needs at a cost that won’t break your bank account.

Enterprise storage features are now available for all size businesses.

Small business solutions

Whether you need basic storage to launch your business, or you’re poised to expand into new territories, SimplyNAS offers end-to-end storage solutions—including servers, storage, networking, and services—designed to meet your needs at each stage of your development. Our NAS Experts will help you choose the platform that works for your budget.

Midsize business solutions

For midsize businesses, SimplyNAS offers a range of storage solutions that can take your business to the next level. We’ll help you address key concerns specific to those areas you care about most—consolidation, collaboration, and continuity, to name but a few. Contact an Expert to discuss a solution to your needs today, and be ready when disaster strikes.

Enterprise business solutions

For enterprise businesses, SimplyNAS understands to stay lean and efficient as you grow, consolidation is essential. Today, that means leveraging virtualization to run maximum workloads on minimal infrastructure. It is a powerful way to achieve savings without sacrificing performance. Our NAS experts will help you find the exact storage solution for your specific needs.

Consult with a NAS Expert on our hotline at 407-960-4690.

Specialized Storage Solutions

Data Recovery

Loss of data can be devastating, just ask those who have experience. Learning by experience can be very costly but protection of data is priceless.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster without a plan is devastating. Don’t fail to plan. Planning for recovery ensures continuity and future success.


NAS devices are designed to Share, Protect and Secure any and all information. Be sure to Back Up Your Back Up.


Low cost per TB storage capacity for large amounts of data.