Optional and Expanded Service Offerings


NAS testing has always been advantageous mainly as testing avoids system and corresponding components to arrive Dead on Arrival (DOA). The other salient advantage is the level of testing that we carry out examining each and every component. For more information on what happens during our testing process please watch our video:

NASBIT (NAS burn testing for NAS servers that have been configured and burn tested using drives) - click to purchase

DISKBIT (Diskless NAS burn testing – allows diskless NAS servers to be tested before shipment) - click to purchase


Manufacturer extended warranties are available for all our manufacturers that offer this service. Listed below are various options that commence from 2 years to 5 years. None of the manufacturers offer beyond five years as that is the cut-off point for the return on investment for all NAS servers. There are two types of warranties - one is a standard extension that covers the system and another that covers the system with added advance replacement.


We offer various levels of repair services for NAS servers that are out of warranty as in some cases we do hold parts for major NAS servers.

Contact us with your needs at – repair [at] simplynas.com



Our team at SimplyNAS are experts with our ten years plus standing within the NAS industry. As such, it is essential that we provide strong technical support for our customers; both pre-sale and post sales. Our Regional and inside NAS experts are able to provide much of this support. If you need assistance on technical matters or wish to discuss your needs before you purchase we encourage you to opt for our pre-sales support offer. These pre-sales exchanges are often crucial in determining the optimum NAS solution and will save you in the long run.

Should you wish to discuss your needs with one of our sales experts, please purchase a Pre-Sales Token. The charges are very low at $35.00 per hour. That is a deal for the valuable advice that will help you avoid making the wrong choice and your payment is credited back toward your sale when you purchase a system from us.

Click Here to purchase Pre-Sales tokens.

We will contact you immediately upon receiving your order during normal business hours which are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM EST. Orders placed for pre-sales tokens outside of these hours will receive a response on the next business day.

Post Sale

After sales support is a necessary service especially if you have challenges during deployment or if there is a lack of familiarity for NAS servers within the environment. These issues can often be addressed with a phone call or an email. In these cases, the technical support provided by our inside NAS engineers or regional NAS managers is usually sufficient. We are positioned to help with issues after the NAS purchase and any other associated hardware purchased from us. What we cannot do is trouble shoot individual network infrastructure errors. If we are unable to provide the required technical support due to the nature of the issue, we will be able to assist in the engagement of the relevant manufacturer's support department to help properly diagnose and correct the issue.

Once the support token has been purchased you may call or email us using the details provided to you in the order confirmation email.

Click Here to purchase Support tokens.

Support hours are Monday - Friday 10AM - 6PM EST.

SimplyCare Packages

Our CARE packages offer you some great benefits. When you purchase a CARE package, you get exclusive perks like expedited shipping on your order, extended returns, free testing services and much more. Care packages are available for 6 and 12 month periods. Click to learn More...

SimplyCare Gold 6 Months

SimplyCare Gold 12 Months

SimplyCare Platinum 6 months

SimplyCare Platinum 12 months