Why apply for a SimplyNAS Business Net Terms Account?

Have you ever found placing an order with a credit card troublesome?

Does your company only allow purchases to be made via purchase order or net terms? Look no further. The new SimplyNAS Business has what you need. We’ve taken your feedback and now offer Net Terms as a payment option.

Our Net Terms option is suited for small-to-medium businesses that want the option to buy without credit card. It’s also great if you’re a company, school or government purchaser who is required to pay with purchase orders.

The benefits of having a Net Terms Account

  • If there are multiple buyers on a single account, all authorized buyers can share the same Net Terms credit line.
  • Order today, pay in 30 days.
  • There’s no annual fee! How do I apply?

What’s the procedure?

  • Once you’ve created a SimplyNAS Business account you can apply for a Net Terms credit line.* only the primary account holder is eligible to apply.*
  • After you’ve filled out all of the required information and agreed to the terms & conditions, the application is ready to be submitted online.
  • It takes approximately 5-10 business days for processing. You will receive a decision letter once complete. If for any reason we have questions about the application we will contact the primary account holder.