Best of NAS 2016 Home-SOHO

Winner: QNAP TS-451+


One of the most popular 4-bay NAS in 2016 with good performance and best value for money.

The QNAP TS-451+ is an affordable (yet versatile) 4-bay tower NAS powered by 64-bit Intel Celeron quad-core 2.0GHz processor and 4GB of energy-efficient DDR3L RAM, which is expandable up to 8GB.

Its total raw storage capacity is capable of reaching above 120TB with the ability to scale up to 12 drives when leveraging the QNAP UX-800P expansion enclosures.

It also comes equipped with a host of useful connectivity options including, 4 USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0), one HDMI ports, all of which allow users to use the NAS as a PC when leveraging QNAP’s QvPC Technology.

It’s quick and easy: simply plug in a monitor via HDMI, and the keyboard, and mouse through USB, and you can use the NAS via HybridDesk Station. This is very handy for users with use cases such as surveillance or for those who just want to browse the web. In addition, it’s compatibility with QTS 4.3 provides a powerful NAS user interface with a plethora of useful multimedia, storage, virtualization and data security features.

Runner-up: Drobo B810N

Drobo B810N

An easy to use data storage product that seems to go on and on and on, great for enthusiasts, Small and home office and professional users.

For many users the Drobo B810n is the ideal NAS. It's easy to configure, easy to use and can move data at 100 MB/s when asked to perform basic tasks.

Drobo has it seems stuck to its original motto of keeping it simple, this will work for many users, for others that require far beyond a box just holding data you may be forced to look elsewhere. Ideally it’s easy to setup and no need to go through any complicated NAS jargon, hardware is uncomplicated and really easy to work with, with the ability to add next-gen SSD drives to enhance performance and adaptability.

Runner-up: Synology DS416Play


Great NAS for media streamers and revelers as well as professional and small business owners.

DS416play 4-bay NAS from Synology is another multimedia-oriented model, far cry far cry from its previous model which did not able to transcode 4K videos, the DS416play does so now and in order to play them back on many other portable devices linked to the network. This is now possible as a result of the hardware transcoding engine present within the included Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core CPU.

Paired with 1GB of DDR3 memory, it’s just enough for a home server and the four bays do support HDDs with capacities up to 10TB (for a maximum of 40TB), not half bad for 4K videos and other stuff!

Just fell short on performance, few pertinent features and value for money when compared to the QNAP TS-451+ range. Still maintained to be one a popular 4-bay NAS in 2016.

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