Best of NAS 2016 Enterprise

Winner: QNAP ES1640dc-v2-E5-96G-US


QNAP ES1640dc-v2-E5-96G-US Dual Controller designed for high availability and business continuity at a price that will not spring a leak in your budget. QNAP really pushed the boat out on this model with active-active dual controllers making this it as near to zero downtime as possible.

The supporting hardware specification is nothing to sniff at, beefed up to plug any gaps for leakages in performance. Structured around the Intel Xeon E5 6-core processor, SAS 12Gb/s backward compatible to 6GB, couple of 10 GbE ports with support for 40GbE NICS, QES operating system combining ZFS file system that opens up a host of new features inclusive of snapshot, snapSync and deduplication amongst other useful business features.

The performance is second to none and the disk options are well stacked support for total Flash, SSD and HDD SAS combinations makes this NAS server unbeatable for 2016, No other manufacturer in this class comes close.

Runner-up: QNAP TDS-16489U Double Serve


The clue is in the name as it’s designed to function as an application server and storage server in one box.

File and Storage functionalities within a single NAS server? it ain’t half bad, great savings can be had by deploying the server with the correct amount of storage and sub-divided into volumes to initiate optimum utilization.

Big virtualization hosts need equally big hardware specifications and Qnap doesn’t disappoint. The Double Server series is its first to use E5-2600 v3 Xeons and DDR4 memory.

Four models are available with the TDS-16489U-SA1 If you want even more, then the SB2 and SB3 models have eight-core E5-2630 v3 processors plus 128GB and 256GB of DDR4 respectively. The motherboard has sixteen DIMM slots so all models can be upgraded to 1TB. There are no hidden costs as the Virtualization and Container Station apps are included as standard and you don’t have to factor in any per-core licenses. Its server-grade hardware has the horsepower to handle a lot of VMs, storage features are exemplary and there’s plenty of room to expand capacity.

The QNAP TDS-16489U is hard to beat as an affordable virtualization platform.

Runner-up: QSAN AegisSAN Q500-F21-D316


The QSAN AegisSAN selected for its capabilities as a Fibre Channel SAN server that fits well within the SMB and Enterprise sector. The features set is impressive and for a SAN with Dual Controllers to cost below 10k is a feat not many can attain.

Quality is impressive and the performance was well above average. Intel S1200 Dual Core processor with 4GB memory expandable to 16GB with SATA/SAS and FCAL 8Gb interface, and with a 3year warranty it’s a worthy contender for our Best of NAS 2016.

The software set is impressive with Snapshot, Replication and Clone support as well as fast rebuilding of NAS volumes when drives present problems.

Overall the AegisSAN is a credible SAN that will be a great workhorse for many users.

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